Jazz Choirs During the COVID Pandemic…

Currently Jazz Choirs are running all of our rehearsals online and are enjoying continuing to develop our arrangements and build our community of singers.

Like everyone else we are looking forward to getting back to face to face rehearsals and being able to perform our wonderful arrangements in a room together again…

What is Jazz Choirs?

Jazz Choirs is a membership based choir that runs three 12 week terms each year, plus additional ‘summer sessions’ and technique specific or performance focused workshops that are open to everyone – There are no auditions and singers do not need to be able to sight read to join us.

We provide MP3 learning tracks for all of our arrangements so members can continue to learn their part between rehearsals.

At each two hour rehearsal, with  live piano accompaniment, our MD works with the choir to learn and polish our arrangements to develop the sound of the choir and our singers ability, techniques and confidence.

Who can join Jazz Choirs?

Anyone over the age of 18 can join, as we do not require singers to audition to join us, we have singers of all abilities and experience and learn from each other during rehearsals as well as from the professional tuition of our Musical Director.

Is there an auditioned Jazz Choirs group for more experienced singers?

Currently our Jazz Choirs is non auditioned. We will be establishing auditioned groups to run along side our non audition groups in the future.

Our goal is to make Jazz accessible to everyone and help singers develop their skills and enjoy singing in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Jazz Choirs wants to ensure all of our members get the most of their experience with and will be running both auditioned and non auditioned groups in the future to ensure we meet everyone’s developmental needs and provide the right level of challenge for our members.

Do I have to pay to attend Jazz Choirs?

Each 12 week term is £120 and members must sign up for a minimum of one full term to ensure consistency in numbers and voice parts and to cover the running costs of the choir.

Fees for Summer Session Course and individual workshops varies depending on the individual course on offer.

What do I get for my Jazz Choirs membership fee?

Each term members sign up for is made up of 12 two hour rehearsals lead by a professional Musical Director and accompanied by a professional accompanist, along with all of the required learning material for the term.

In addition, members receive access to the members area of our website where you can find our enhanced learning material and member resources; Vocal Scores, MP3 Learning Tracks for all voice parts, Piano backing tracks, rehearsal recordings, Jazz Choirs playlists, Tips & Techniques resources and our members FB group.

How do I join Jazz Choirs?

Joining Jazz Choirs couldn’t be easier, simply fill in our Sign Up form to let us know and visit out payment page and follow the instructions to make payment.

What are you Jazz Choirs term dates?

2019/20 Term Dates

How many Jazz Choir Groups are there?

Currently we run one non auditioned group on Tuesday evenings in Camden from 7pm-9pm at The London Irish Centre in Camden Square.

How many people are in each Jazz Choir group?

We aim to have an average of 30-40 people in our group.

When do Jazz Choirs rehearsals take place?

Our North London Jazz Choirs group runs on Tuesday evening at The London Irish Centre in Camden:

The London Irish Centre
50-52 Camden Square
London NW1 9XB
United Kingdom


What are the nearest Jazz Choir transport links?

Tube: Camden Town

Overland: Camden Road

Buses: 253, 274, 29

Is Jazz Choirs only based in north London?

Currently, we are only based in North London but we are working towards offering Jazz Choirs groups in other areas soon.

Can I start part way though a Jazz Choirs term?

New members may join part way though a term on a pro-rata basis, but we ask returning members to sign up for a minimum of one term to ensure consistency and to minimise disruption for the rest of the choir. Where members join part way through, fees will be payable on a pro rata basis.

Can I drop in and out of Jazz Choirs rehearsals?

Members are asked to commit to a minimum of a term and we encourage people to attend regularly but appreciate that not everyone can make every session each term.

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